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One of the comments I commonly hear when I first meet a new patient is “I’m such a mess.  There are so many things going wrong with me”!  They are completely overwhelmed with all of their seemingly unconnected symptoms.  Often I am able to calm those fears by explaining how many of the symptoms that seem isolated  are actually coming from ONE pattern and an imbalance in one particular organ system.

An unbalanced liver, for example,  can present with migraines, eye issues, IBS, irritability, PMS, night sweats, rib pain, asthma that is worse with stress, fatigue, and insomnia.  Who knew there could be a connection between all of those symptoms?

What is so incredible about Acupuncture is how it positively impacts our health in such a wide range of ways.  Chinese Medicine sees and treats the bigger picture.  A headache patient will notice over time that the headaches are decreasing, but will also be thrilled that her night sweats are disappearing, she is sleeping better, and her anxiety has improved.

A perimenopausal woman who is experiencing pain, bloating, fatigue, volatile moods , hormonal- type symptoms, and an overall feeling of being ‘stuck’ will find that life starts to ‘flow’ better and that both the physical AND emotional symptoms are greatly benefited with Acupuncture treatments.

You can feel so much better, have more ease, and experience more joy when you balance your health with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.