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Calgary Healing Acupuncture for headaches

Many headache and migraine sufferers in Calgary find that the rapid weather changes really impact the frequency and severity of their headaches.  Working as an Acupuncturist in Calgary, I have had to become amazing at treating headaches!  80-90% of patients who come into the clinic will leave either headache-free or the pain will be greatly reduced.

After years in practice I still feel thrilled when 10 minutes after the treatment starts the patient gets an confused look and asks “Is it possible for my headache to be gone already”?

Over the course of your Acupuncture treatments we will address the root cause of your headaches, whether they are allergy, sinus, stress, hormone, or diet-related.  Chinese medicine brings a very unique perspective to understanding your headaches, why you get them, and how to treat them.

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